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1. What is Gifts & Lists

Gifts & Lists provides an independent storage area for all your lists. Whether that be a gift list for a forthcoming event or just a private wish list for you to keep track of items you might otherwise forget.

However, it's also much more than that. It's interactive and any lists can be opened up to friends, family or the general public with a click of a button.

You can view other people's lists, get ideas from other members and be instantly notified when a contact has made changes to one of their lists.

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2. Are my details safe?
    Will you share my details with anyone else?

Yes - Your details are safe. For a start we keep very little personal information - We do not keep any financial or address details, just your email address and a password. Passwords are encrypted (Even we do not know what they are stored as) and we promise never to share your email address.

You will not be bombarded with spam and the only emails you'll receive are ones you've requested or those intentionally sent from your friends and family.

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3. How many lists can I create?


As many as you like. This site was created as central storage area for all your lists and we're happy for you to go wild!

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4. How long will you keep my lists for?

We have no intention of removing any active and valid lists.

We do, however, reserve the right to remove any item or lists which are deemed to be offensive.

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5. Can I import my list from another site?

We don't currently offer this facility but if there is demand for it we will investigate. Just drop us a message of what type of list you wish to import.

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6. Can you purchase and deliver my reserved items for me?

Sorry, we provide a gift reservation service only. You may reserve items but if you wish to purchase these items or have them delivered/wrapped you will need to arrange this with the vendor.

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7. How do I create a new account?

Creating accounts is easy and a new one can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

All we need are a few basic details such as a username, password and date of birth (This can be hidden from public viewing) We will send you an activation email and when you have confirmed this you'll be ready to start creating lists.

For further details on creating accounts please see our Creating Accounts section.

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8. Can I change my details at a later date?

Yes. Just login, go to your profile page and select 'Edit Details' from the 'User Details tab. Here you can change your profile details and edit your photo.

If you want to change your password you can achieve this from the 'Change Password' page.

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9. I want to delete my account. How can I do this?

You will need to contact an administrator to perform this. This action is not available to standard users.

You can request to have an account deleted here

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10. What's that blue image on my profile?

When you create a new account you will not have a profile picture selected.

Rather than the usual 'faceless silhouette' you'll find on most sites we decided we could better use the data you provided when setting up your account by displaying a pictorial representation of your birth-date in the form of a Zodiac image.

Therefore people born between the 20th February and 20th March will be given a Pisces image. etc.

You are free to change your profile picture to something more appropriate at any time.

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11. How do I create a new list?

Lists can be created from your Profile/Lists tab or from the dedicated lists page. Just fill in the details of your new list and click on the 'Create List' button.

See the Creating Lists guide for further details.

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12. How do I add items to my lists?

There are several ways to add items to your lists. From manually adding items to using our specialised tools.

For further details, please see the Automator section below or visit our guides to the subject on their dedicated pages

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13. What's the difference between the types of lists?

Gifts & Lists provides 2 methods for distinguishing list types. First you can choose from a selection of descriptive categories - Wish List (General), Birthday, Christmas, etc. This helps differentiate between similarly titled lists.

Secondly, each list has a security type which defines who can see the list, if they appear in searches and whether news is generated from this list. These are defined as follows:

  • Private - These lists are available to you alone, generate no news and are not available in searches.
  • Protected - Lists of this type are accessible by the list owner and any people who they have specified as contacts. They generate news to enable contacts to keep up to date with changes to the list. Contacts can also see these lists in searches.
  • Public - These lists are available to everyone and are the only lists which are used to display random products throughout the site.

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14. Can I delete lists I don't want any more?

Yes. Lists can be deleted from your Profile/Lists tab. Just select the 'Delete List' icon from the 'Modify' Column.

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15. How do I change the picture for my list?

Easy - Just click on the 'Edit Photo' button on the List Details page. From here you can upload a new picture from your own PC or select one of the preset images available.

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16. What's the Automator and how does it work?

The Automator is actually a set of applications designed to work with different browsers. Once installed they provide the ability to instantly add new items to any of your lists direct from vendor sites.

All you need to do is right-click on the target page and select 'Add to Gifts & Lists'. If you right-click on an image then this will automatically become the default image. Otherwise you are free to choose a separate image.

The Automator is too big a subject to detail fully here so we have provided guides for Internet Explorer and Firefox

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17. The 'Scan' button doesn't seem to be working. Why is this?

Whilst the Automator works on the vast majority of sites some exist that make use of technologies (Usually Flash) which prevent the Automator from working properly. Sometimes they will disable the right-click option (You can usually still perform a scan). Sometimes they store images in an unusual way and it can't find them.

In these cases you may have to save the image to your machine and upload it but there's usually a method of adding an image automatically one way or the other.

Unfortunately, although we have made every effort to test the Automator with all the major sites out there it's impossible to do this for all of them. If you think we've missed an important site that is not working properly with Gifts & List then please let us know and we will attempt to correct the problem.

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18. What's a Bookmarklet?

A Bookmarklet is an advanced web link which can be added to favourites/bookmarks and used in the same way as any other link. It does not require any additional software to be installed to your system.

The Gifts & Lists bookmarklet contains the ability add items in much the same way as the Automator except it cannot automatically select the image. You can still select an image from the 'Add Item' page.

Again, we have a guide which fully describes installing and using the Gifts & Lists bookmarklet Here

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19. Is it easy to remove the Automator from my browser?

Yes. The automator plug-ins for both IE and Firefox can be removed automatically with a couple of clicks.

The Internet Explorer version can be removed via Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs.

The Firefox version can be removed from the Tools/Add-ons menu.

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20. Can I add an item without using the Automator/Boomarklet?

Of course. The automator and bookmarklets are simply there to make adding items easier. Items can be added manually from the each list. Just go to the 'List Details' page and click 'Add Item'.

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21. Can I add an item that's not from a website?

Yes. Just fill in the details manually, leave the website link blank and give an appropriate description so your friends and family can identify it as such.

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22. How do I find friends and family?

There are 2 ways to locate friends, family and any other contacts that use Gifts & Lists :

  • If you wish to find a friend to reserve an item or just see what they want you can perform a Search from the header section. This will return any people who match the search criteria as well as any lists which match.
  • If you want to add a new contact and would like to find out if they already exist in the system, just enter the email address on the Profile/Contacts page and click 'Find...'. The system will do a search and if the email specified exists in the Gifts & Lists database it will fill in the Name details for you.

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23. How do favourites work?

The 'Favourites' section provides a quick and easy way to store lists you're interested in. Rather than continually searching for friends and their lists, here you have quick and easy access to all the lists you're interested in. Simply click on the 'Add to Favourites' button on any list you're interested in and the list will instantly be added to your Favourites.

The 'Favourites' page displays all the lists you've added as favourites. You can see who they belong to and quickly go to the items contained within. You can also remove lists you're no longer interested in.

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24. How do I add contacts that already have accounts with Gifts & Lists?

This procedure is covered in question 22 above

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25. I have friends who are not members of Gifts & Lists. How do they see my lists?

There are 2 ways people who are not members of Gifts & Lists can see your lists:

You can make a list public, making it available to all visitors to Gifts & Lists.

You can set a password for your list and send this out along with the Unique ID which is generated by the system. For more details see here.

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26. How do I reserve Items?

To reserve an item from someone's list login and select the list you're interested.

When you've done this, click on the 'Select' button of the item you wish to reserve and it will expand to allow you to specify your reservation details.

Reserving items is covered in greater detail in the Reserving Items section.

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27. I'm not a member of Gifts & Lists. Can I reserve items?

Yes. Members and Guests can both reserve gifts off peoples lists. Find out more about reserving as a Guest here.

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28. Will the list owner know I've reserved an item?

That's up to you. When you reserve an item from a persons list you have 3 options for when you want to notify the owner:

  • After Event Date - If specified, this means that the list owner will be notified after the date assigned to the list. I.e. if the lists Event Date is set to the 1st June the list owner will be notified on the 2nd June that you reserved said item. This notification will be achieved through the news system.
  • Now - The list owner's news will be updated immediately that you have reserved an item.
  • Never - The list owner will never be told by Gifts & Lists that you have reserved the item. It will be left for you to notify them by other means.

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29. If I reserve an item can other people also reserve it?

No. Once you reserve an item the list is updated to reflect this and if the quantity reaches zero the item will no longer appear for selection.

If the item has a multiple quantity - I.e. 4 candles and you reserve 1 the list will be updated to reflect that the user requires only 3.

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30. Can I un-reserve items if I change my mind?

Yes. Just login and go to your 'Reserved Items' page. Then select 'Remove' on the item you wish to un-reserve.

Guests who have reserved items can click on the link in the confirmation email to un-reserve gifts.

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31. If I un-reserve an item will it be freed up for other people?

Yes. The system keeps a constantly updated inventory of each list and if an item is un-reserved it will be available for other users to view and reserve.

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32. If I reserve an item and the recipient deletes it what happens?

If you reserve an item and choose not to let the recipient know straight away the system will automatically inform you via email that the gift you've chosen has been deleted by the recipient.

You can then choose an alternative gift or contact the recipient directly. Gifts & Lists will NOT inform the recipient that a gift being deleted is reserved.

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33. What does the news section do?

The news section provides a constantly updated series of events which may be of interest to you. Actions that your friends and family have taken on Gifts & Lists as well as items that have been reserved from your lists.

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34. What news do you report?

At the moment we report the following news events:

  • Someone has added you as a contact. The news item will also give you the chance to add them.
  • A Contact has created a new list.
  • A contact has added 1 or more items to a list. Items added on the same day will be grouped together.
  • A contact has reserved an item from one of your lists - this will only appear after the date specified by the contact.

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35. How long does Gifts & Lists keep news for?

We keep news for 60 days, after which it will be deleted from the system.

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36. My news page is getting too big can I delete news from it?

Yes. Just select the 'Delete' button on the item of news you wish to delete.

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37. I'd like to have the following news reported can you do that?

The news section will be expanded as we add features to Gifts & Lists but if you wish to have a particular news feature displayed then let us know here.

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38. I want to stop one of my lists from generating news. How do I do that?

Private lists generate no news so you can always set a list to private to prevent this.

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39. Do I have to add a gift fund to my list?

No. You are free to add as many or as few gift funds as you like. Including 0.

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40. Are your gift funds safe?

Completely. We use PayPal to handle all monetary transactions. We never hold on to your money. When a donation is made with PayPal we receive an update from PayPal and adjust the details on the gift fund accordingly.

If the worst was to happen and Gifts & Lists ceased to be for whatever reason, you would still be able to access your money in your PayPal account.

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41. I've made a donation to a gift fund but it's not showing up. Has my donation been received?

When you make your donation via PayPal, the final stage is to click the link which takes you back to Gifts & Lists. This gives us the go-ahead to update our system with details of the donation. If you don't click this link we will still update the system but we have to wait for the automated confirmation from PayPal. This can take a number of hours to be sent out.

If you think there is still a problem after 24 hours then please contact us. However, please ensure you have gone through the full PayPal transaction and received a confirmation email from PayPal regarding your donation. If this has not been received, you may not have actually completed your payment.

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42. Is this site suitable for use by my children?

Yes. We make every attempt to ensure the site is suitable for all ages and we have a zero-tolerance attitude towards offensive material and spam. Any user identified as breaking this policy will be removed from the system and banned from accessing it.

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43. I've got a question not listed here. Could you answer it for me?

Sure. We're very amenable and will do our best to answer it. Just send us a request here.

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44. I've got an idea for a feature on the site. How do I let you know?

Fantastic. We're always happy to hear how our site can be improved. Again just send us a message here.

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