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The Gifts & Lists Bookmarklet

About Bookmarklets
For those people who do not wish to install the Automator,  Gifts & Lists have constructed specialised links which can be added to your favourites and toolbar and will take you directly to the Gifts & Lists 'Add Item' page.  These links are commonly called bookmarklets and are widely used in the internet environment.  Simple to use and install, they provide nearly all the functionality of the automator.  You'll just need to specify an image from the 'Add Item' page as these cannot be added automatically.
How to Install the Bookmarklet
Installation is very easy.  Just follow the simple steps below to quickly add the bookmarklet to your browser: 
Installing on IE
Right click on this link Add to Gifts & Lists
● Select 'Add to Favorites...' from the menu and click 'Yes' when the message below appears.

● Select a location to store the Bookmarklet
● Unlock the IE toolbars and drag the 'Links' toolbar to an appropriate location

● Drag your new link from Favorites to the 'Links' toolbar: 
Installing on Firefox
Click and drag this link to the Firefox toolbar Add to Gifts & Lists

● That's it!
How to use the Bookmarklet
Once you've added the Bookmarklet it's very easy to add new items to any of your lists.  Just click the new link when you're on a web-page you want to add an item. 
A new window will open where you can fill in the rest of the item details (Name, Description, Price, etc) and select which of your lists you want to add the item to:
Item Added!
The item has now been successfully added and will be visible next time you log into Gifts & Lists.