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About Us

Why Gifts & Lists?

You know the routine: It's that time of year again and and everyone's asking you what they can get you for the special occasion. Or worse - you happened to mentioned one time in the past how much you liked a certain multi-coloured scarf and now you have 20!

Now you need never face this situation again. Gifts & Lists is the place to jot down those great gifts you come across, forget to tell anyone about and then regret it. Whether they're small, novelties you thought would look just right in a corner or that one great item that you've been waiting for all year.

If a particular item, however small or great it costs, stands out as a favourite you can rate it accordingly and make sure it's there on the day.

Not just for Birthdays, Gifts & Lists can be used to organise those Christmas Lists, Weddings, Anniversaries, New child, home, etc.

We hope you enjoy using Gifts & Lists and we are constantly looking at ways to improve our service. If you find anything you don't like or can be improved, please let us know. Chances are there is something that can be done about it!

Best Wishes.

The Gifts & Lists Team.

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