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Sophie The Giraffe

Star Rating for Sophie The Giraffe

This classic teether was first introduced in France in 1961 so 2011 marks the 50th birthday of Sophie. The giraffe soother is a much loved toy and has taken on an iconic status, often featured with celebrities and their children.

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Sophie the giraffe - I'm pretty sure I (Or at least my mum) have still got what one of these tucked away in a draw somewhere in my old room or in the loft. When a child’s toy can span 3 generations you know that there must be something special here.

Marketed as 'the first toy a baby will encounter that stimulates all 5 senses' it looks a bit like a dog's chew toy - my parents have an Alsatian cross and trying to explain the difference between this squeaking toy and the others she gets on a regular basis can be difficult!

In many ways it is the ideal animal for a chew toy. Different parts of the body are useful for either gripping hold of (Neck legs) or chewing on (knobby Feet, Ears, and Head). As hinted at above it has a squeaker built in which some babies can find amazing whilst other will be quite nonplussed about. A word of warning here regarding the squeaker - Be careful washing Sophie, the giraffe's squeaker doesn't like water and may result in the teether not working for a day or two until it dries out or, in the worst case, failure to squeak ever again (I'm sure one or two Sophie’s may well have met their demise after such 'accidents' but you didn't hear it here!).

It has also been known for some children to gag on the legs if they get a little too eager with the teething so this is something to be aware of. At the end of the day, no baby should be left unattended and especially if there's a possibility that they might put something in their mouth. Even a teether.

Sophie the giraffe is very cute and recommended the world over - If you're looking for baby gifts and someone hasn't mentioned 'Sophie' yet then no doubt it won't be long before they do. Our general impression from talking to friends and family is that most babies will love chewing on it.

A final consideration is the price. With such a famous brand I guess you pay a slight premium but it still seems a little expensive despite this.

I would say it is aimed at 3.5 - 12 months but can be used at any point when your baby starts teething.

Star Rating for Sophie The Giraffe

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Extra Information

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Spot the Sophie - It's been around so long and built up such a reputation it's even popped up on-screen. It has been spotted with a host of celebrites. You can spot Sophie in film 'Three Men and a Baby'

Sophie even has her own facebook presense : Sophie the Giraffe on facebook

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